Every parent has an obligation to financially support their child or children.

In Alabama, child support may be awarded depending on the custody arrangement for the parents, the income of the parties, and other considerations.

Typically, where one parent has custody of the child, that parent would receive child support from the non-custodial parent.

An obligation for the payment of child support terminates when the child reaches the age of nineteen or otherwise emancipates.

Child Support in Alabama

Child support in Alabama is calculated using a set of guidelines and an evaluation of the gross monthly incomes of both parents as well as payment of health insurance and child care for the children.

As such, it is important to have accurate information from both parties as to their income, which may be difficult in cases where the non-custodial parent is self-employed, underemployed, or resistant to paying support.

This requires an attorney versed in child support and family law to seek the required information from the other party to ensure appropriate support is awarded.

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Child Support Modifications

In situations where there has been a change in the incomes of one or both parties, an existing child support obligation may be modified.

The party seeking a change in child support must show to the Court that there has been a material change in circumstances since the prior child support order was entered.

This change in circumstances may be due to a change in income, change in the custodial schedule of the parties, or a child emancipating.

If you have concerns related to child support, we can help.

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