How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Experience Matters
When choosing an attorney to assist you through the divorce process, it is vital to have an experienced attorney familiar with divorce laws, practices, and procedures.

Smart Decisions
Your lawyer should aid you in making smart decisions and handle your case in a way that maximizes your financial and emotional outcome.

A Trustworthy Guide
Whether through thoughtful negotiation or aggressive litigation, finding a trustworthy attorney who keeps you updated as to the progress of your case and pursues all available avenues to secure the best result possible is the most important step in the divorce process.

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Types of Divorce in Alabama

In the State of Alabama, spouses may choose to end their marriage through an uncontested divorce, a contested divorce, or a legal separation. Learn more about each below.

An uncontested, or “agreed-upon” divorce, is where both spouses come to a total and complete agreement regarding all aspects of their divorce but require an attorney to complete the paperwork in a thorough and efficient manner.

A contested divorce is where either one party refuses to participate in an uncontested divorce or the parties are unable to agree on the terms of their divorce.

Legal separation, while uncommon, is most beneficial to parties who do not intend to remarry in the future but would like to live separate and apart from one another and resolve all matters relating to their marriage.

The decision as to which process to pursue is unique to each particular case and is one that should be considered carefully after discussing and weighing the implications of that decision on your family and future.

Getting a Divorce Can Be Complicated

  • Distribution of Assets
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Retirement and Pension Division
  • Specific Issues for Each Case

To successfully navigate a divorce, you will need an attorney with day in, day out experience involving all of these issues to best protect your rights, and the financial and emotional investment you have made in your marriage.

If your spouse has filed divorce paperwork, or if you are considering a divorce, we can help.

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